FAMUAN Speaks: Remember the 90s

Paco Jeans, Sister Sister, and most of all Tupac and Biggie are all significant to the 90s era. Although many students on Florida A&M University’s campus can’t recall all that happened in this era, we are all influenced by the music, the fashion, and the television shows. Here’s a few students’ favorite memories from the decade.

Aaron Anderson, 22, third-year mechanical engineering student from Tampa

Music was from the soul, dress attire was nonchalant, music controlled the nation. Tupac was the hottest thing at the time, Biggie and Pac their death was a big transition point in Hip-hop and the black culture. Pac was at his strongest. Lyrics that were metaphorical were valued.

Joshua Diggs, 19, second-year mechanical engineering student from Baton Rouge, La

Something I remember from 90s is Mr. Slick Rick himself I am slick.

Malik Magnum, 20, third-year accountant student from Tampa

What I remember about the 90s is Michael Jordan and how he played basketball, Chicago Bulls.

Ade Oladokum, 22, fifth-year physical therapy student from Washington, D.C.

What I remember about the 90’s is growing up in D.C. listening to go-go, listening to Backyard, listening to Tcb, watching those good ole’ Redskins win Super Bowl and eating mumbo sauce and fried wings. In the fashion world everybody had the Tommy Hilfiger fits and Eddie Bauer jackets,

James, 24, graduate student from Washington, D.C.

The 90s was the best it was the early morning cartoon, there was the All That the Keenan and Kel, it was good. There was life before bills. In the 90’s I didn’t know what bills were.

Roger Brown, 22, fifth-year business marketing student, Washington D.C.

What I remember about the 90’s was early morning cartoons, wrestling. When the Jordan’s were originally coming out, you know how big it was then, people rocking jerseys; just living life care free it seems like there is so much wrong with the world nowadays.

Trey Moore, 20, first-year physical therapy student from Jacksonville

Tupac was that dude back then, had a lot of people wanna be thug life wanna be Tupac, that’s a highlight of the 90’s to me.

Rotimi Omosheyin, 21, fourth-year master of business administration student from Chicago

What I remember about the 90’s is… well I am from Chicago. I just remember Mike [Michael] Jordan in his prime, winning championships playing for the Bulls.

Ciara Taylor, fourth-year political science student from San Diego

Rolling up my pants like LL Cool J because I thought he was cool.