Sampson & Young To Enhance On-Campus Experiences

Florida A&M has reopened two of its recently renovated resident halls on campus this semester.

Oscar Crumity, director of housing, said Sampson and Young Hall houses 239 male FAMU students.

With 158 residents in Sampson and 81 in Young, the dorms will aid in increasing the living capacity on-campus for freshmen.

“I think it improves their first-year experience. As one of their agreed upon goals this year, the FAMU Board of Trustees and President Ammons plan to do more to improve student on-campus housing,” Saunders said. “The university is working to seek funding for an 800-bed suite-style facility.” 

William Jones, a freshman resident of the new dorms, said he enjoys his new room in Sampson Hall.

“I got assigned to one of the newly renovated dorms, so that was cool,” the 18-year-old business administration student said. “I also received a corner room and I heard they are the biggest rooms on each floor.”

Jaliyl DeVillasee, an 18-year-old business administration student, said his only complaint about his new room is the temperature. “Even though we are able to control the temperature in our room, the air condition controls are very difficult to work,” DeVillassee said.

According to the University Housing Rental Rate Schedule, the $2,800 per semester price tag per student for both facilities is roughly $1000 more than male residents pay in the Paddyfote Housing Complex and $550 more than the residents of Gibbs Hall.