Life As An RA at Sampson and Young

August 24th was the opening day for Sampson and Young Halls. It was the first time the housing staff and the public embraced the new residence facilities. 

As a Resident Assistant, I never walked through the halls of a building wearing a bright orange housing staff shirt, but I have the opportunity to be one of the first RAs in Sampson and Young and set the foundation for other RAs to come.

“This looks like a hotel” is the first thing I hear students say as they walk through the halls for the first time. With sensor lighting, personal air conditioning controls, electronic card access and plenty of spaces to study, the new improvements are huge steps forward for FAMU and the housing department.

Coming to the university in the fall of 2009 and seeing two big abandoned buildings that looked like they had been standing since 1887 when FAMU was FAMC, I knew for certain that I would have graduated and had a career before they would open back up.

However, I am proud to see these historic buildings back in living condition and it gives me joy to work and provide freshmen with a community to live in. When I arrived at FAMU, there was not enough housing for freshmen students. Many were forced to stay off campus and miss out on a true freshmen experience. Now, the university can accommodate more males and keep them focused on academics.

My co-workers and I wondered how residents would react to the renovations and how they would treat their facility. So far, they have done a great job. They have even held their own video game tournaments on the big screen in the visiting lobby. Every day our visitor log has three to four pages full of names as Sampson and Young Halls have become the hot spots on campus. I am grateful that the housing department gave me such an opportunity.