HBCUs Not a Last Resort

While some may think that an HBCU—Historically Black Colleges and Universities is nothing more than an institution comprised of black people, it is far more than that.

It is a community of intelligent, strong-minded and determined black men and women who prove the stereotype that claims that we are incompetent to be wrong year round. In fact, according to statistics given by the United Negro College Fund, over half of all black professionals are graduates of HBCUs and nine of the top 10 colleges that graduate the most African Americans who go on to earn PhDs are HBCUs.

Despite what people may think, there is something special about an HBCU and there is something special about FAMU.

Alexis Hinton, 19, second-year health science and physical therapy student from Moss Point, Miss.

I chose to come to FAMU because it is an HBCU and it has a lot to offer its students. I also chose to come here because of the way the alumni have so much pride in their school. When I applied to FAMU I knew it was the place for me.

 Carrie Hilliard, 21, fourth-year business administration student from Jacksonville

Aside from it being the best HBCU in the nation, I chose FAMU because of the prestigious school of business and industry that it has!

Stephen Gordon, 19, third-year business administration student from Chicago

I chose FAMU because I knew it would prepare me for my journey ahead. I chose FAMU because of the “Marching 100.” I chose FAMU because I wanted to call an HBCU my home so, I chose the largest and the best. Most importantly, I chose FAMU because FAMU chose me!

Antoinette Smart, 20, second-year business administration student from Fort Lauderdale

I choose to attend FAMU because it has the best business school in the state of Florida.