Zoe Saldana Sizzles As Assassin in ‘Colombiana’ Thriller

With the constant interruptions of my favorite shows, I began to look forward to the movie commercials, the ones with a very dominant Zoe Saldana, in full gun-down gear.

Colombiana stars Zoe Saldana with Michael Vartan, Callum Blue, Lennie James and Jordi Molla. After witnessing her parents’ murder as a child in Bogota, Saldana grows up to be a stone-cold assassin.

It’s easy to dismiss Colombiana as just another style-over-substance action flick rooted in a familiar revenge plot line. The question is: Does Colombiana actually offer an exciting and hard-hitting action experience at the theater?

Actually, it does.

There is no dull moment in the beginning of the film or throughout the remainder of the film for that matter. The movie begins and gets straight to the point. Audiences are informed very little on the history of the family. However, the over-the-top actions of Saldana’s character Cataleya do not fail to deliver enjoyable on-screen pandemonium.

Of course, there is a love scene, or a couple. HawthoRNe’s Michael Vartan plays Saldana’s very clueless love interest. His scenes are limited due to the fact that his lover has a hit-list she’s prioritized.

Very focused, and must-kill-orientated, Cataleya comes from a family of killers, and she is no stranger to a firearm. Director Olivier Megaton (Transporter 3) has done it again. Colombiana is simply, visceral, in your face, action.