Student Senate Launches Year

The 41st Student Senate held its first weekly meeting of the year at 6 p.m. in Multipurpose Room of the Student Union.

Senate President Marissa West, a fourth-year pharmacy student from Chicago, presided over the meeting, which was moved to the Multipurpose Room, while the paneling is replaced in the Senate Chambers.

The meeting served as an prospective of the semester, mostly welcoming students attending a senate meeting for the first time, and those who are interested in becoming involved with SGA.

Student introductions were followed by remarks from SGA President Breyon Love, and Vice President Troy Harris, both fourth-year business administration students.

“Just know that the administration and the student senators are really working hard to make sure you have the best experience you can have matriculating through this university,” Love said, of a number of projects being undertaken by SGA, including a new shuttle bus to the College of Engineering.

Love also mentioned a number of initiatives, he and his administration, and the university administration are pursuing. One of those projects is a 24-hour study lounge, where students can go after Coleman Library closes at 2 a.m., during its regular semester hours. The proposed start-up date for the study lounge is set for sometime in October, according to Love.

Aside from the welcome and semester overview by SGA leaders, the senate confirmed seven new officers to the Electoral Commission.