Police Announce All-Clear after Palmetto Shooting Claims

Both Tallahassee Police Department and FAMU PD issued an ALL-CLEAR Tuesday after reports of shots being fired in or around Palmetto South.

An anonymous caller phoned TPD about 4:00pm, claiming to hear gunshots in the area. TPD dispatched FAMU PD ahead of their officers arrival. The officers found no unusual activity. “There was no evidence indicating that shots had been fired so we sent out an all-clear,” FAMU PD’s Lt. Angela Kirkland told The FAMUAN.

Officer Susan Newhouse of the Tallahassee Police Department confirmed that a person phoned in the alleged incident but she was not able to say whether the caller was a student or a resident.

Lavante Page, a third-year Criminal Justice student, said “around 11:00 this morning also I heard some shots fired,” “it sounded like a shotgun,” he said.

Brandon Davis, also a third-year Criminal Justice student said he was outside Palmetto when he heard about four gunshots fired but didn’t see anything. Davis also said that it was not the first time that this has happened in the area.

Lieutenant Kirkland also said that bystanders heard fireworks and thought they were gunshots. She suggested that someone had been lighting fireworks ahead of Monday’s 4th of July celebration.