NASA Astronauts Talk about Space Life

A pair of NASA astronauts fielded questions last weekend from children and adults about a space vehicle that was displayed in Tallahassee.

Astronaut Jeff Williams talked about NASA’s Orion spacecraft to visitors at Challenger Learning Center Friday and Saturday. “There are many challenges the whole team has to face such as getting the spacecraft ready and have all the capabilities to live and work in space,” Williams said. “After you get that gear up and ready to go than you look at the vehicle and make sure that it properly maintain.”

Participants in CLC’s camp program and others asked several questions about life as an astronaut and about being off the planet.

Seven-year-old Jason Daniels asked, “How do astronauts eat in space?”

“We just eat the freeze dried food over and over again till after a while it becomes tasty and it’s better than not eating at all,” answered astronaut Charles Hobaugh.

The presentation and Q&A offered visitors more insight about NASA.

“Wow!!!!! How many times in life you can say I met an astronaut and learn about their prior journey into becoming an astronaut,” said Melanie Harley. “I really enjoyed this whole experience.”