City: Plans to Expand FAMU Way on Schedule

City officials say the plan to expand FAMU way is on schedule.

Assistant to the City Manager Michelle Bono called it a “very aggressive plan” to add sidewalks, bike and multi-use lanes, innovative parking design and linear parks. Estimates for sidewalk construction alone were five years in 2004.

Projections show future traffic volumes at 15,500 vehicles per day. Bono added that roundabouts, such as one proposed for the intersection of Wahnish Way and FAMU Way, could include a memorial as “a tribute to the people that live there.”

Tom Davis, 19-year owner of The Book Shelf, said he would appreciate new traffic, but would not like it if the business had to move. After a May 10 meeting, he remains skeptical about the project. “I’ve seen the artist renderings,” he said. “It doesn’t look like the real world.”

The local comic book shop sits at the corner of South Monroe and Oakland Ave. Part of the expansion project includes extending and renaming parts of Oakland Ave. connected to the new Cascade Trail parks.

The City of Tallahassee and Blueprint 2000 plan to open the new Capital Cascade Trail to the public in four segments.

Engineers have scheduled FAMU Way expansion, the third segment, to open in 2015. Officials have purchased Shaker Heights, an adjacent property.

Once engineers reach 60 percent of preliminary design, city leaders can begin purchasing needed property along the construction route.

U.S. Department of Transportation studies show a positive shift in public attitude after construction.