Rattler Fashion Appears at Graduation

It’s almost a tradition of its own that FAMU students express themselves in styles on weekly Set Friday’s, annual Be Out Day’s and even trips to the café.

Countless students are seen in wardrobe that is fit for the runway. While FAMU Rattlers are no stranger to bringing a flair of fashion to many events, graduation was no exception. Spring Commencement did not stop rattlers from doing just that.  Friends and family filled the Al Lawson center to watch their FAMU spring 2011 graduates prepare to walk across the stage. It was a ceremonious event that was filled with joy and anticipation for the senior class.

Rattlers kept the tradition going with each student wearing the classic green cap and gown and academic regalia signifying their academic achievements.

Even with uniformity, many Rattlers had an extra style in their step. Rattlers tied in tradition with their own personal style and as graduates crossed the stage, I was not surprised to spot sparkly pink pumps gracing the platform. Spiked white stilettos, bright floral strapped wedges and six inch heels that would make Beyonce jealous, made many female graduates stand out. Many graduates took it a step farther by showing their gratitude and excitement to professors, parents and peers by decorating their caps.

As heads were bowed for the ceremony prayer, I glimpsed “I Love You Mom”, “We Made It”, and ongoing phrases detailed in glitter, ribbons and a variety of colors. It was clear that FAMUs spring 2011 graduates were not hesitant on leaving the university in style.

As FAMU President James H. Ammons wished the graduates well and tassels were finally moved from right to left, graduates roared with excitement. Rattlers showed me that there is no stop to looking good while handling business. They did not let gowns hide their individuality. Instead they embraced tradition and put their own signature at the end. Commencement came to a closing with the Alma Mater, Benediction and the age old reminder that ‘although the dark clouds may surround the horizon, the “Rattler” will, strike, strike, and strike again’.

As the Spring 20011 graduates walk off into the real world, they seemed ready to face life’s challenges. Graduates will surely be striking at life’s opportunities and I’m sure they’ll be doing so with that little something extra. If the resume doesn’t grab future employers’ attention, then the fierce pumps or the snazzy business suit definitely will.