Ugly Truth Revealed in Controversial Commentary

Okay, I’ll admit it. I haven’t read one book for leisure this entire semester. Then a couple days ago, it happened.

I saw a book with an aesthetically pleasing cover and a catchy title and my life came to a complete stop so I could borrow the book.

And when it came to “Don’t Judge a D*ck by Its Foreskin: God, Life and Revolution,” by Max Gold, this book was no exception. Those who think that America and society’s current state is far from ideal will want to sleep with this book.

I sure did. I wanted the book to be by my side when I woke up.

“This is probably not a book for people who schedule their lives around ‘Jersey Shore’ or subscribe to ‘People’ magazine,” Gold warns on page 1. Gold’s work touches on the question and concept of God, the absurdity of organized religion and drugs, among other things.

Take for instance, the subject of parenting. “Before you have a kid, you should ask yourself, ‘Can I afford the medical costs, clothing, food, daycare, education, dental, books, toys, sports, allowance? As a result, we get “society” stepping in to provide for all of the s*** needed by kids produced by a bunch of, by and large, f****** idiots.”

Gold doesn’t just go on angry satirical rants about human civilization and its infantile state out of spite; the book contains a bibliography with concurring scholarly, works. Sure the book’s title may be rather off-putting, and the wording inside the flaps is no less profane. But give it a chance. Sometimes the truth hurts.