Future Rattlers Have Something to Look Forward to

Spring commencement is slowly coming upon us. Many of our older friends and family who we have come to know and love on this campus are getting ready to walk across that stage from college student into full blown adulthood. The feeling of graduating is one of pure enjoyment. At least it’s supposed to be.

But I’m sure graduating from high school is a different experience from graduating from college. For instance, college graduations, depending on the size of the college, are super long. Well, then again, some high school graduations are super long too, but you get the point. I will not be graduating until 2013. But I do know a few people who will be graduating April 30.

And I am super proud of them.

Graduating from college is not an easy task. It’s easy to put off studying to go to a party or procrastinating just for procrastination sake. But it is not easy to get up for an 8 a.m. class that you have a test in after a long night of club hopping, drinking and dancing. We all make mistakes.

For the rest of us stuck here-haha- for another one, two or three years, those who are now about to graduate give us the push that we need. These individuals are someone for us to look up to. They made it. After four or seven years of dealing with the good and the bad ( EIT, financial aid, registering for classes) they survived.

Despite the annoyances of college life, food, shelter, and jobs they strived and worked hard enough in their respective majors and are now about to walk across that stage into life. Even after colleges and schools being cut many are still making it their business to walk across the stage come summer and fall commencements of this year.

I know if they can do it. We can do it too when our time comes. But for now, congratulations spring class of 2011. Go, Rattlers.