Career Center Still Helps Students Find Jobs

After the global economic slowdown and subsequent and job hiring freezes, the transition from college graduate to career holder may be a difficult task for some students.  Nonetheless, for local grads the FAMU Career Center is helping students make an easier transition by aiding them to land employment in their learned fields.

“We’ve had various job fairs all throughout the semester. Companies have been on campus on a daily basis. Students need to know that there are local and nation-wide jobs out there,” said Delores Dean, director of the FAMU Career Center.

The center offers many services such as resume building, career counseling, workshops and mock interviews to registered students.

Despite local job opportunities, some students don’t make plans to stay in Tallahassee after they graduate. Some students travel to new cities or move back to their hometown, often not looking for local work.

“I have not looked for any jobs in Tallahassee because I do not want to stay here after graduation. I’m not sure if companies are hiring in Tallahassee but I plan to move to Atlanta and work at a sports public relations firm,” said Kayla Osborne, a graduating public relations senior from Jacksonville. “The job fairs seem to be more biased to business majors.”

Ashley Richardson, a graduating business-marketing student from Tallahassee agreed with Osborne.

“I know that there are jobs in Tallahassee but Tallahassee does not have the job that I’m interested in,” said Richardson.

Despite pessimism about the economy, Dean stressed that there are jobs to be had.

“Students that may say there aren’t any jobs are the students who aren’t looking for any jobs. There are jobs out there and we are here to help students find those jobs,” said Dean.

In the Career Center, students are urged to register to become a part of the email list. Those emails are sent to registered students and contain information about companies that are hiring.

“The center needs our students to get involved. There are many opportunities they miss because they aren’t informed of the jobs offered through the Career Center,” said Dean.

There have been job interviews taking place daily as a result of students partaking in the services offered by the Career Center.

“We just received notification that Youth Register, a local company, is hiring abuse counselors,” said Dean. “Advertisements for the jobs will begin next week online. Students need to register! Companies are looking to hire our graduating seniors, especially locally.”

The FAMU Career Center offers registered students a Rattler Career Planner. To register visit or call 850-599-3700.