Students Walk for Injured Professor

On a dark, wet and rainy Saturday morning, the mood was anything but somber as students and faculty surrounded the Pete Griffin track.

A prayer vigil kicked off the morning as more than 200 people participated in a walkathon for FAMU Professor Owusu-Ansah Agyapong, who sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident Jan. 24.

The sociology and criminal justice department organized the event to show support and raise money for Agyapong’s medical expenses. They collected $2 donations from students and $5 for faculty, staff and alumni.

“When the accident first happened, all I could think is we have to be strong,” said Jacquelyn Perkins, internship director for the sociology and criminal justice department.

Perkins said she wrote a song titled “Be strong,” which was inspiration for the walkathon. However Perkins explained the positive spirits and giving will not stop there. The department has an account established with Wachovia bank specifically for donations to the Agyapong fund.

Narayan Persaud, chair of the sociology and criminal justice department, said the most important aspect of the walk was rallying support for Agyapong and his family.

“Agyapong is a positive spirit,” said Persaud. “All of this positive energy is just being returned to him for all he has done over the years.”

A website will be made in honor of Agyapong featuring videos, pictures and testimonies. All videos and pictures of the event will be sent to Agyapong in Atlanta, where he is undergoing extensive rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center, a hospital which specializes in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury or brain injuries.