Big Laughs for Hart

Philadelphia native Kevin Hart is recognized by critics as one of the most successful stand-up comedians in the circuit. His combined total of 4 million followers on Facebook and Twitter has made him a phenomenon.

In movies like “Not easily Broken,” “Soul Plane” and “Death at a Funeral,” Hart had supporting, yet funny, roles. Stand-up comedy is his thing.

His famous catch phrases like, “You are something else” from “I’m a Grown Little Man” and “Say it wit’cha chest” from “Seriously Funny,” reveal Hart’s ability to get laughs out of the audience.

Maybe it is his short stature? A fully grown man standing at 5’4 is kind of funny. Maybe it is his high- pitched voice?

Whatever his trick is, Kevin Hart is hilarious.

He capitalized on his status as an actor/comedian and started a career a rapper with the alter ego “Chocolate Drop.” His sense of humor is definitely highlighted in his third stand-up titled “Laugh at my Pain.” Three comics performed onstage before Hart to hype up the crowd with a whirlwind of jokes and laughter flowing. When he finally came onstage, there were screams coming from everywhere.

Hart covered a wide variety of topics: crack heads, his father’s struggles with being addicted to crack, his recent divorce and even his mother’s funeral. He even used lines from his old performance to explain its relevance in the new performance. This thrilled the audience even more. Even though his time on stage was somewhat short, there wasn’t a moment when the audience wasn’t laughing.

Even at the moments when Hart told the crowd not to laugh it was hard for them to hold their composure. Hart came to please and he definitely delivered.

Of course his material was fresh and funny. If you didn’t make it to see his show, you missed a good one. Hopefully this stand-up will make its way to DVD soon. Until then if you are not following him on Facebook or Twitter you need to, ‘Alright Alright Alright!’