We encourage everyone to remain safe

Recently, there have been a string of robberies in the area.

Because of such acts many of us are scared and wary of going anywhere

at night by ourselves or even in groups.

It is shocking the lengths a person will go to for a quick buck or

because he’s desperate for cash for food or other amenities.

We watch shows like World’s Dumbest Criminals, Most Shocking and Bait

Car and see people do stupid things for money, cars or just because

they think can possibly get away with it (most cases they don’t). We

sit and laugh with friends and family about how stupid these people

are .

But unlike these TV shows, no one here is laughing.

It’s true; some of us walk around without a care in the world

thinking, “It won’t happen to me.” I’m sure that’s what those people

who were robbed thought too. It did, and all we can do is feel

sympathy for them and hope that it really doesn’t happen to us.

 It is imperative that in these times of desperation that we are more

careful. What we may think is just some bum on the street could be the

man that is planning on taking your wallet, earrings or your life.

It is a scary thought knowing that while you are laying comfortably in

your dorm room or apartment, just down the street a friend or

classmate is being robbed at gunpoint because someone thinks that a

life of crime is the way to go, in times of need.

Of course, our town is not the only one going through this.  Robberies

happen every day and, according to Crimedoctor.com, every minute a

robbery has occurred.

Walletpop.com states that in 2010 Florida ranked No. 6 on a list for

most dangerous states. The list was comprised based on an average of

assaults, burglaries, murders, motor vehicle thefts, rapes and last

but not least robberies.

As alarming as this is, it’s unlikely that you are going to be a

victim of robbery. However, if you aren’t aware of what is happening

around you there is an equal chance that you will.

When crimes like these happen, the perpetrator is rarely caught. And

the victim who either lives to tell the tale and is scarred for life,

hurt or well…you know.

Florida A&M Univeristy police department have been on the case of many

of these robberies around campus. But due to lack of proper equipment

things are moving slower than they should.

This is in no way meant to scare you, that is far from what I am trying to do.

It is to remind you to always be aware of your surroundings.  Our

parents-some of them anyway- always told us to be careful when we go

out, and to always wear clean underwear, just in case. That should be

something that stays in our minds even in our adult lives.

Unfortunately, what may appear innocent is simply a wolf in sheep’s

clothing, and you and what you have are the prey.

Someone is probably scoping you out to determine if you are going to

be their next victim. Even in the daytime people are being robbed or

mugged. And yes, robbing and muggings are two different things.

So, Rattlers and everyone else out there, protect yourself and be

aware of your surroundings.