Legislative round-up


Unemployment rate down in Florida


The March jobs report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed  Florida’s unemployment rate has decreased by a full percentage point  to 11.1 percent. Despite the drop in unemployment, the Agency for Workforce Innovation  classified 8.5 percent of Florida’s unemployed as “discouraged,” or those who have given up looking for full-time employment., settling for part-time jobs.  


House Bill 1355



House Bill 1355 might change the way elections are carried out in Florida.  The bill co-sponsored by W. Keith Perry (R-Ocala), and (R-Ft. Myers) would require those registering to vote on election day to cast a provisional ballot. The bill would also create a shorter deadline for voter registration groups to turn in voter applications, in addition to expanding the Secretary of State’s power as supervisor of elections. 


Senate Bill 700



A bill that would permit student-led inspirational messages, including prayer at school events passed the Senate K-12 Education Committee Thursday. Sen. Gary Siplin (D-Orlando) wants to allow school districts to adopt resolutions allowing prayers of invocation and benediction at secondary school commencement exercises and other non-compulsary student assemblies.