Donald Trump for President? Oh, Please…

Donald Trump running for president? Ha! That is the most doleful, yet comical thing I have ever heard of. Sarah Palin was sad enough, now we have Donald Trump running for the presidency. What is America coming to? Now, I do believe that every American-born citizen has the right to run for any office they want.

Yet, I do wholeheartedly believe that you should and must have some kind of political experience before running. Yes Sarah Palin was and still is a complete idiot – (although she makes over $50,000 for every event she is asked to attend) when it comes to political policy and boosting the economy. However what can Donald Trump honestly offer the American people? How does he plan to close the achievement gap for children in America, how does he plan to boost our economy, what is his plan for healthcare, what is his position on immigration, how is he going to combat poverty and solve our energy crisis?

These are the questions American citizens should ask before hopping on the bandwagon for a three-time divorced, media and money–hungry joke. Now the event that upsets me the most about Donald Trump is his disrespect and disregard for our president. This man has constantly stirred the public up with his belief and questioning of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. On several accounts the state of Hawaii proved that our president was born in America. The state of Hawaii even brought in a specialist to review the presidents birth certificate and has confirmed on several occasions that the birth certificate is authentic.

Donald Trump actions puzzles me: if this is Trump’s way of politically attacking our president and hoping this will get him in

office, then he is sadly mistaken. No other president in our country has had to have a specialist examine their birth certificate. Why should President Barack Obama do the same? Who gave Donald Trump the right to question not just someone-but our president’s citizenship?

Not only did Trump question the president’s citizenship, but he also believes that “blacks” are only backing or voting for Obama  because he is black. WTF? Has this idiot ever heard of black republicans let alone Jennifer Carroll? Enough with these idiots, Barack Obama since being in office has done a phenomenal job, given the crappy position the country was in when he came into office.

Obama and his administration have passed a healthcare reform bill, this bill will allow me to stay on my parents insurance until I am 26,

and my parents have great insurance. This bill allows my grandmother to receive rebates for her prescription drugs. I love this because my grandmother has diabetes, and some of her prescriptions are over $200, and there is not a generic brand for them.

Can Donald Trump really top that? Or does he believe just attacking the president citizenship will continue to work?