Anti-Abortion Group Returns Fire: Read the Rebuttal

Rather than merely address the facts presented by the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), Jason Lawrence’s editorial included insulting comments and false statements to support his argument in favor of abortion rights. Students should be “alarmed” when they realize that abortion is an act of violence that kills an unborn baby and injures his or her mother. GAP visited FSU for 2 days in the winter of 2008 and again three years later in February 2011.

The editorial calls this an “unrelenting presence” but what is actually unrelenting is the slaughter of unwanted babies and any accurate portrayal of that slaughter must be “distasteful”. Although Mr. Lawrence later acknowledged that GAP “has First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly”, he was surprised that the student body “would allow a group…to set foot on our campus, let alone set up shop for two uninterrupted days”. And while he disapproves of the GAP “agenda”, what is “obviously malicious” are the abortion procedures that produce these “bloody, dismantled (and mangled) fetuses”.

Despite any viewer’s “displeasure” (or our lack of neurons) we are willing to pay the price to bring the truth about who the baby is and what abortion does to the baby to FAMU because college students are among the most vulnerable to having abortions, and abortion is an irreversible life or death decision. While it is true that prophylactics often prevent conception, it does not follow that “discretionary or protected intercourse are the only ways to do away with abortion”.

After one blanket statement about the hesitancy to adopt unwanted children (ironically but unintentionally directed towards “advocates of abortion”) comes another one that “some 40 million aborted fetuses would’ve grown up in an undesirable situation”. If those statements are both true, should we advocate the killing of unadopted born children and children currently living in undesirable situations, since that is the recommendation for unwanted unborn babies who might end up in that predicament? This editorial erroneously assumes that “pro-lifers” are not also involved in helping born children or that they “neglect to realize” the plight of unwanted or abused children. That is demonstrably false.

If the 2010 Gallup Poll statistics are accurate, that would mean that Republican Christians are not adopting or helping unwanted or abused children. Again, that is just not true. Should only Democrat or Independent non-Christians be allowed to speak for the unborn? Should Republican Christians not be allowed to have any say in the matter? Anyone who visited the GAP display, read the literature, or spoke to the staff and volunteers know very well that they were logical in their presentation, whether they agreed with them or not, and it was not a political or religious display. Within 6 years after the Roe vs. Wade decision in January 1973, that legalized abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy in all 50 states, the number of abortions performed each year in the USA doubled as a total and as a rate per 1000 women. Making abortion illegal will not stop all abortions, but it will reduce them, and who can place a value on each life that is saved?

Meanwhile, just because a woman has the legal right to kill her own child in her own womb, it doesn’t mean that she should. And if she knows the truth, she is more likely to make a humane decision and either keep her baby or allow someone else to parent her child. Mr. Lawrence repeats a familiar comment, “It’s simple. If you don’t like abortions, then don’t have one.” But this is reminiscent of those who used to say, “If you don’t like slavery, then don’t own one.” However, if slavery is wrong, nobody should own one, and if abortion is wrong, nobody should have one.

GAP does not use “shameless scare tactics”, but the abortion industry is indeed shameful and scary, as recent revelations in the news media about Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have proven. The editorial states that abortion is the woman’s “right of choosing not to cheat a child out of a good life” and that GAP attempted to “muscle women out of their right” by delivering a “foolish, pious message”. On the contrary, abortion cheats and muscles unborn babies out of their right to life. I’m sure that FAMU administrators did check on the manners of the GAP participants and know very well that young women were not heckled. On the contrary, there were many good conversations during both days. If you missed us this time, we hope you’ll check it out next time. We’ll be back.


[Note: This article is the verbatim press release issued by Genocide Awareness Project, with only minor edits to grammar made. No content has been added or removed to alter the message in anyway]