Music Stores Survive despite Technology

Rows of CDs fill store inventory racks, the bright colors and loud speakers are supposed to attract patrons, but many music stores are dead silent in 2011.

Experts have predicted that the age of iTunes and other digital music portals will usher in the demise of the audio CD as the only way to listen to music.

Technological advancements have led local music stores like Vinyl Fever and CD Warehouse to close, leaving limited options for purchasing tangible copies of artists’ music.

Sam Goody in the Tallahassee Mall, is one store that still manages to keep its doors open according to its manager Jamie Burgess. The national chain specializing in music, DVD and video game sales, categorizes itself as an outlet, offering discounted prices to customers. Burgess said despite other avenues for purchasing music, the store is still making a good profit.

“In order to keep our customers coming back we offer advertising and promotion,” Jamie Burgess said. “Every three weeks we have a sale and we advertise through our Facebook page. For our customers, we offer used sales and customers can sell back their used CDs and in return we will sell them for a cheaper price.”

Best Buy also offers sales to customers. Each Tuesday an artist’s album debuts, the store offers the CD at the discounted price of $9.99 to $11.99. It also offers pre-order sales for customers.

“I go and buy my favorite artist albums at Best Buy,” said Marlon Pinnock, a faithful Best Buy customer from Tallahassee.

“They give me a good deal on the first day and that way I know I will have all the official songs on the CD. Even though I download much of my music from the Internet, I still go to Best Buy.”

Wal-Mart also offers an electronic department with a section specifically catered to CDs.

“It seems as if sales have somewhat declined with CDs,” Janet Evans, zone manager of the electronics department of Wal-Mart on Tennessee Street said. “We have that control over the prices and sales. Many people are in the mindset of ‘why pay when I can download myself.’ Despite that mentality, this section still keeps consistent business.”

Wal-Mart also offers $5 sales on older CDs for its customers. Despite the recent burst of new technologies, Wal-Mart’s music section is still thriving said Evans.

Even though there are many alternatives to getting an artist’s CD, there are still some stores in town that offer deals for their customers buying CDs. Many consumers still value the idea of purchasing the real CDs to show their support for the artist.

To obtain the sales and deals on your favorite artist’s album visit Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Sam Goody and help to keep the CD stores and music sections alive.