‘Be Out Day’ Back In

After initially voting against the “Be out Day” bill and denying funding for the event, the student senate later voted to pass the bill, offering $13,000 in support.

Freshman student senator Cecil Spears because students wanted the event.

“There were more senators present at the meeting last Wednesday than when the bill was first brought on the floor,” said Spears. “I myself am a freshman senator and I believe that the freshman didn’t see the importance of the event.”

He said more experienced senators share with the senate how “Be out Day” is an event students look forward to.

Although the event was approved for funding, it still has to go through the university’s standard procedures for allocating funds.

According to Spears, the event is expected to be held on April 23 and will not be called “Be Out Day.” Instead, it will be called “Community Appreciation Day” or “Fun Day.”

According to students, the event was a highly anticipated and now that the student senate has approved the funding, they are excited to attend.

“When I first heard ‘Be out Day’ was cancelled I was shocked,” said Alexx Van Dyke, 21, a senior psychology student from Jacksonville. “I couldn’t believe the university would cancel an event that was annually anticipated by not only students but people in the surrounding community.”

Myvincia James, 21, a senior computer information systems student from Miami, agreed with Van Dyke on the decision the senate made to pass the bill.

“I am excited and happy the event may be back on this year,” James said. “It’s something that the students really need. It gives us an opportunity to just chill out, relax and experience something other than the stress of another school week.” Spears notes when it comes to matters such as the situation with “Be out Day,” the students play a vital role in senator’s decision making.