Governor’s Staff Member Takes the Low Road via Twitter

A staff member who was supposedly defending his boss turned into something much more. Brian Burgess, Gov. Rick Scott’s communication director, got into a heated Twitter war with media outlets and reporters on Sunday evening. Okay. Pause.

Rick Scott’s team members are starting beef via Twitter? Oh come on. I mean, we all hear about the Twitter wars between celebrities, wanna be celebrities and even our friends. But politicians and their staff members? In what way is Burgess defending his boss by having back and forth tweets with news sources and reporters?

So let me get this straight, you going to tell me about myself and my momma in 140 characters or less? Ha. According to, Burgess said that “Scott has told his team to branch out beyond traditional media in delivering a message and he’s used that challenge to be experimental on Twitter.”

In other words, Burgess took what Scott said and twisted it to fit his, Burgess’, agenda. Our governor already makes himself look bad as it is. And now his team is adding fuel to his already out of control fire. We know that politicians do not get along with other politicians and news outlets. But when there was a “beef” between a politician and

another party back in the day, it was handled via phone or email.

Not anymore.

Social networking website skirmishes like this are becoming more

public. To the viewers of such nonsense they are quite entertaining.

I did not find this entertaining. It was pure childishness. People

have the right to their opinion, but when you are attacking or

singling out people and news outlets like Burgess did we have a


I’m not saying Burgess shouldn’t defend his boss,-go ahead man, do

you- but the way and how it was done is not up for debate. Burgess

needs to grow up, simple as that. He’s not showing what a competent

communication director does.

Like I said, Scott makes himself look bad every day, even when he’s not trying.

I don’t think he needs further help from his staff to continue ruining

is credit and face value. Or what little is left of it now. I’m just