Students, Time to Get Aware is Now

The Board of Trustees’ vote for restructuring Florida A&M has come and gone. And now the school has to put the decisions into effect. Be that as it may. We shouldn’t let some of the decisions that the board voted on get us down.

We knew from the very beginning that we probably weren’t going to be happy with some of the decisions the BOT made. But maybe, the decisions might actually be good for the school. Now, I’m not saying I agree with the choices, because a few of them I truly don’t. But the school was in dire need of change.

These adjustments could not only affect the future of this institution, but us as well. We complain about some of the things on this campus. This isn’t  working, or that person sends you on a wild goose chase for simple information. But maybe just maybe with the restructuring that is taking place here, those problems we have just might be solved.

It’s not going to happen right away, but it will happen over time. Today there is a town hall meeting on campus to discuss exactly what will happen here at FAMU. I encourage everyone to go. We need to be informed on what is happening at our school from first hand accounts.

Not by word of mouth from twenty different people. The problem that our school has with its student body is some of us

don’t really care what happens, as long as it doesn’t effect our financial aid or our classes. But in the end what happens on this campus does affect all of us, regardless of any preconceived notions you or those around you may have.

We are quick to defend our school against crass comments from outsiders, but we are just as quick to denounce our school when something goes down that we do not agree with.

As a Rattler, I feel we need to do better, students and administration alike.

So if you have time, go to the town hall meeting at 8 pm in B.L. Perry and show that you want to know what is going on at our school.