Staff Ed.: The semester is almost over, Rattlers rejoice

At time of publication, we are officially 14 days, 336 hours and 20, 160 minutes away from the moment we’ve all been waiting for: summer.

It’s almost here, tantalizingly close and just within reach. After an entire year of tests, exams, homework, research papers, assignments, meetings, forums, there is a seemingly endless almost four-month stretch of sun, beaches and unadulterated foolishness.

Summer is nature’s way of keeping every student, faculty and staff members at Florida A&M University from having a communal explosive aneurism, leaving nothing but a scorched hilly mound on “The Highest of Seven Hills.” Granted, it is important to take advantage of summers to catch up on classes, gain calculable internship experience or work to save money for the fall.

However, for the sake of sheer mental health, please set aside a designated amount of time for revelry and plain old fun. Go to the beach, go on a road trip to visit friends, go to a party, hit up a club with some friends, do whatever. Just release the volcano of stress that has been bubbling up in your arteries since August 16, right after students realized that music theory is about more than listening to CD’s and writing summaries.

Let go of the part-time overachiever and full-time hustler mentality that FAMU instilled in us since freshman orientation.

It’s a challenge, but try to enjoy these last few stress free summers before we all have to enter the real world consisting of 365 days of full-time work, when summer will be nothing but a hopefully fond memory.

Disclaimer: This piece is not encouraging students to waste an entire summer partying with their most memorable accomplishment being remembering what they did the night before. It is meant to be a reminder to savor the moments and the loved ones in your life while they are here. So, this summer, when there is a stack of work just waiting patiently

for someone to complete it, remember this article and these wise old words: work hard, play harder.