FAMUAN Opinions: The Brightside

So much is going on in our little space and the world right now.


Our school is being restructured, Obama has started his bid for a second term and sadly our government is slowly but surely crumbling in some kind of fashion.


And yet, through it all, we manage to get through our complicated days of school, work and, for some us, family. But this article is not about something sad or depressing like most of the news today is.


This article is about looking at the silver lining in life. Every day, we deal with more doom and gloom from our country and, because Americans are nosy, other countries as well. Most of the time we are directly affected by what is happening: budget cuts, increase in taxes or tuition, low unemployment rates and the ever rising price of gas prices.

Even here at home we have our own problems…[cough Rick Scott aka Lord Voldemort aka creepy smile guy cough] (for reference on creepy smile guy refer to “Rick Scott Sucks”, it’s quite interesting)… And other times, it doesn’t matter to us at all, like the royal wedding.


But through it all we would like to remind you to enjoy the little things. The semester is almost over and graduation and summer vacation will be upon us. Although the real world looks extremely frightening and doesn’t give off the vibe of security, there is always something for us here at FAMU to look forward too.


So, after the semester is over, don’t worry about the blah of life. Have fun in the sun, enjoy the time spent with family and friends to the fullest, be yourself and essentially cut loose (when the time and place permits it).


We all have one lifetime, don’t let what’s going on around us get you down. We know we won’t, and you shouldn’t either.