A Royal Headache: Does William’s Marriage Really Matter That Much?

So apparently Prince William is getting married to Kate Middleton on April 29. I understand he is a part of the royal family but all this exposure they are getting is becoming annoying. Stamps with their faces plastered on them? A coin? Is this all really necessary?

Okay. Maybe since this is the first royal wedding since Prince Charles and Lady Diana it is kind of a big deal. In my opinion, America has more to worry about than a marriage of two people who have absolutely nothing to do with the affairs of the country.

Couples get married every day. Just because Prince William is in the royal family that doesn’t mean we have to stop what we are doing to tune in to watch them get married. I could care less if they get married. The only reason people are going to turn on their televisions is to see if her dress will be better then Lady Diana. Will her train be longer? Some people really do not care about their wedding.

We just look to see the material things. How big will her ring be? Will she be brought in on a horse and carriage? All these things mean nothing to us.

Prince William and Kate will go on about their life whether we watch them get married or not. According to USAToday.com, the largest TV audience for a wedding occurred on July 29, 1981, during the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. The estimated viewership was 750 million in 74 countries. People.com estimates that 1 billion people will tune in to watch the wedding. In my eyes, if I were Kate Middleton, a female not coming from a royal family, I would want to break records. I would make sure that I broke every record in the Guinness World book.

This is something big for the both of them. This wedding will be compared to many other weddings like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s wedding in 1937 for having the most expensive slice of cake, or Khloe Kardashian and L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom on Sept. 27, 2009 for having the most searched-for celebrity wedding.

According to abcnews.com, 7,000 journalists will be covering this wedding and 60 cameras will be along the procession route to catch every piece of material and crystal on Middleton’s dress and every petal in her bouquet. This will be a wedding to remember, or until Prince Harry gets married. I say if you are bored come April 29 tune into to watching the wedding.

Then again, some of us have finals.

Let’s stop worrying about people getting married in another country and get it together. How about we break a record and not watch them get married? I bet that would be something to talk about.