Storm Ravages Florida A&M Campus

Howling winds and pounding rain hit Tallahassee early Tuesday, knocking down some of the Florida A&M campus’ tallest trees including a large oak tree that fell near the Paddy-foote dormitories.

“I heard a cracking noise and then a thud,” said resident Terry Waters, who went outside on the residence hall balcony and found a large limb barely hanging on to the trunk. By morning, it was among the many limbs from the tall oak that littered the ground.

“I thought it was a mini tornado,” said Waters, 18, a first-year accounting student from Pensacola.

According to the National Weather Service, the winds and rain accompanied a line of severe thunderstorms that moved from south Georgia into North Florida after midnight Monday. Many residents were unaware of the storm severe storm and tornado warning issued by forecasters.

“I slept through the whole storm,” said Blake Campbell, 18, a first-year accounting student from Houston.

Another resident thought a trash can struck his window in the middle of the night. Many Paddyfote dorm residents concluded that the wind blew down the tree. The storm also knocked down a tree near Gibbs Hall.

Physical Plant Director Kendall Jones, plant operations and maintenance employees will be busy for the next few days cutting up broken limbs, removing debris and restoring safety in the areas affected by the storm.

“POM will continue to inspect the damaged trees to mitigate the chances of additional limbs falling. This process is ongoing during the rainy season,” Jones said.

The following damages occurred and are currently being addressed by POM:

•Southside of Paddyfote Complex

•Westside of Gibbs Hall

•Hillside Northeast of the Administration Building

•Northwest side of the Black Archives and the Westside of the General Class Rooms

•Eastside of the Old DRS Elementary School

•Perry and Gamble Street

•Along FAMU Way

Other Storm Damages

•Broken glass pane on Lee Hall Steeple

•Light pole blown down at Old POM

•Light pole blown onto fence at New Recreation Center

•Light fixture blown down at Martin Luther King Drive near Old DRS Gym

•Fence damaged at Old DRS near Lucy Moten.