Religious Group on Campus Seems Questionable

Have you ever heard of Commissioned to Love campus ministries? Well in the minds of several students of FAMU they are a cult.

“C2L” was founded in Sacramento, California with “eleven men and women on fire for GOD,” according to In 2003 the ministry was charted at Savannah State University by

Larinda Norwood, now Apostle Larinda King. While at Savannah State, Commissioned to Love sued the University, for the exact same reasons they filed a lawsuit against our College of Love and Charity, FAMU.

The nature of the lawsuit was “Religious Discrimination;” and the FAMU suit was settled for the return of C2L on FAMU’s campus. Although several letters and phone calls were made to university officials regarding to this ministry none were returned.

So why is this relevant? Simply because C2L Ministries are now back on campus at FAMU, after filing a lawsuit against neighboring university Savannah State University; this “Ministry” has become quite popular being considered by several students a cult. However, these groups of students and in some cases graduate students that help make up “C2L” practice cult like religion which is said to be the works of “Jesus Christ.”

C2L is not your normal campus ministry; they have a house where majority of the members live and where they taught bible classes before they were allowed on campus this spring. After returning to campus, C2L has held various activities on campus which includes at three-day week that discussed various topics like sex and abortion.

In my opinion, as a full time student at FAMU, this organization should be removed from campus. Regardless, of any amount of suits against the University this “ministry” files, this organization is not something I would allow to plague my university. In the same situation at SSU one student, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha started the petition to remove this organization from campus. I think it should be removed and revoked from ours!

This “Ministry” debates, chants and manipulates students, especially freshmen; they even have a hand sign, similar to Greek Letter Organizations on campus. The sign is made from folding one’s fingers to spell “C2L”.

What church does these things? For example, membership is obtained through a process called “The

Process of Purity.” After the classes, one is blindfolded for a vacation type trip where participants are not aware of the destination that awaits them; in some cases students were blindfolded for ten hours as they were traveling to Myrtle Beach. During this process one is given a “Spiritual name;” for instance “Lady Triumphant” or “Sir


The process is usually held on a beach and participants live in a luxurious beach house while being pampered and Served by their brothers and sisters in “Christ.” Also, during this process one receives a “foot-wash” from members of C2L which the officials at SSU considered as “Hazing”. (

The term “cult” is defined as “a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader;” according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary.

“C2L” even has a rule not to eat from paper products saying “We are kings and queens of Christ.” This ministry has to become extinct at FAMU. It is my firm opinion that they are indeed a cult and I love my University too much to sit back and watch this group of cult members manipulate the students and administration without doing something.

They are pretending to be Christians. How could a “Campus Ministry” become notorious for being a cult and suing universities? Especially when in the Bible says: “Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord,” in Romans 12:19.

I would like to add that this article was not intended to attack any group of students nor “Commissioned to Love.”

It is just my personal opinion.

Reasons to consider Commissioned to Love a “CULT” – Majority of the members live together at 112 Hoffman Drive Tallahassee, Florida 32307; which from the definition of “Cult” could be understood as “Living outside the conventional society under the direction of charismatic leader.”

– Controlling the members of the “Ministry,” members of C2L

are not allowed to have Facebook pages, contact family or friends

daily or listen to secular music or even watch secular television” C2L

uses “Love nothing more than GOD” to ratify the tight restrictions

they have on members. (

– The Process of Purity discipleship classes, members are

inducted into this organization by the use of “platoons” which are

similar to the “Lines” Greek fraternities and sorties uses but C2L

frowns upon Greek organizations and often tries to persuade students

to denounce letters earned from the Greek organization of choice.


– Members in C2L have to be allotted their money, for instance

a member may have received their “Net check” but instead of the member

doing what he/she feels necessary, the check is given to the pastor

and in return he/she allocates the money as he/she deems necessary.