City: Utilities Bills to Decline by Year’s End

Tallahassee residents can expect lower utility bills by the end of the year, according to officials.

Since 2008, utility rates have been on a steady decline. On April 1, utilities will continue to decrease. Customers can expect a reduction of 3.5 percent in their electric bills and over 11 percent in their Natural Gas bills, according to utility officials.

Rates are likely to decrease over the next year. Cuts are going to be within the next 12 months.

Tallahassee’s average utility rate is slightly above the municipal average of $123.70 in Florida, according to the Florida Municipal Electric Association.

“I think rates should be lowered. My dad says I pay more utilities for an apartment then he does for a three story house.” said Joy Williams, 22, a third-year pharmacy student, from Chicago.

When the price of natural gas declines, the city passes the savings along to its customers. Ninety five percent of the city’s electricity is powered by natural gas to produce its electricity. The city has implemented “Your Own Utilities,” which is long-term fuel stability contract for two years in advance as part of an overall Risk Management Program.

In addition to lowering utility bills, “Your Own Utilities” encourages residents to conserve energy and take advantage of the City’s comprehensive Energy Smart Plus (e+) initiative. The program is designed to improve residential efficiency.