Bathroom Rant: Ladies, Do Better in the Toilets

Ladies, I, and I am sure many others, have a problem with some of you who strut around campus.

What is our beef with you?

When we go to the bathroom on campus and are greeted with the vilest of sites that you have left behind.

Honestly, why is it that when I go to the restrooms on campus I am plagued with this?

I mean really, what kind of home-training did you have as a child? What parent told you that it was “acceptable” to urinate on toilet seats or leave used tampons on the floor? You walk around campus thinking you are the next top model, rocking the latest hairstyles, the best clothes and the hottest shoes. But little do the people around you know you are hiding a deep dark atrocious secret. Seriously, ladies, if you fit under this category of disgust please step your game up and do better.

This bothers, annoys and grosses me out to no end! I honestly want to find some of these people and give them an intense lesson in hygiene… With a test at the end!

But then again, this does make me wonder if these are the type of females who use the restroom and don’t wash their hands when they leave?

Eww…that’s nasty.

I’m tired of going in the bathroom and seeing things like this, so I’m going to put it out there and voice my aggravation. All I want to do is walk in the bathroom, go to a stall, and not have to worry if the toilet seat has some chick’s bodily fluids on it.

I mean, gosh, we don’t even have to aim like men.

So what is so hard about doing your business in the toilet and not on it? I really want to know. I’m still not going to excuse you for how gross you are. I just want a better understanding of your cognitive skills and why you think it’s ok to leave your business in the toilet and not flush.

It stinks and you know it stinks.

But somewhere in your mind you think it’s ok. I hate to break it to you ma’am, but it most certainly is not. This is not some kind of archaic era where you feel like you need to “mark” your territory. If that’s the case then you need to do that in a bush somewhere. (*Seriously* Don’t do that because you will get arrested.)

It’s absolutely repulsive and I know that whoever you all are, you know it too.

Where do you have to be that is so important for you to make a mess of the restroom? Do you think about the janitors who have to clean up after you? You are an adult, not a child. The saddest part is that some five and six-year-old girls do better in the bathroom than you do. And most of us here are 18 and older.

On second thought, save your excuse because there is not a snowball’s chance in the lowest, deepest and hottest depths of the underworld that you could make up a viable and reasonable story for your disregard for others who use or clean the bathrooms on campus. If this is what the bathrooms in campus buildings look like, I hate to see what the bathrooms in the dorms look like.

It’s like my mom always says “what you do at home you will do in the public,” and you ladies are most certainly doing it in public…restrooms that is.

This is to simply let you know that for those of us who have to walk in and see your dastardly, nasty, shameless nonsense would really appreciate it if you stop. Or in the least clean up after yourself and prove that your parents taught you some kind of home-training. #RantOver.