FAMUAN April Fool’s Day Jokes

FAMUAN April’s Fools Day Jokes:

Opinions: I was in high school and I had come home with my report

card. My mom is a stickler for good grades so I figured I’d freak her

out. I cried and made up a sob story about how I got all F’s and my

G.P.A. was 0.00 (Note: I hadn’t let her looked at my report card yet.)

About 30 minutes into her rant about how my grades were important I

burst out laughing and showed her my report card. It was straight A’s

and my G.P.A was a 4.0. She didn’t talk to me for two hours. To this

day she still doesn’t find my joke funny.


The best April Fools day joke I’ve ever pulled off is taking my mom’s

car and parking it down the street at 11:59 p.m. She wakes up at 5

a.m. to go to work and discovers her car is gone. She is scrambling

around trying to find the phone and call the police, but the phone was

dead (wink wink). After 5 minutes I finally go get the car. She calls

out of work for the day and I get “grounded” (if you know what I


Lifestyles & Management:

A friend of mine had just broken up with his girlfriend, our fellow

coworker at the time, and there was definitely awkwardness around the

office when it came to them (mostly coming from her.) On April Fool’s,

which happened to also be a work night, she did something to make me

mad, I can’t remember what. However, my friend and I decided to put on

Facebook that we were “In a Relationship.” OH BUDDY, everybody at work

went absolutely crazy. We even left the office together…she threw a

FIT after we left. She was throwing things, cursing, yelling, all that

jazz (so we heard from people present). We kept that up for a couple

of days, and finally took it down. It was big fun teeheehee, although,

I don’t think she found it very amusing.

Copy Desk:

Tape the spray head on the kitchen sink to the “on” position using

invisible tape. Make it face forward. Wait for someone to use the sink

in the morning. Sit back and laugh.