Construction Resumes at Florida A&M’s DRS

Construction to the new athletic complex at Florida A&M’s Developmental Research School resumes after months of delay.

The FAMUAN reported earlier that construction to FAMU DRS was stopped last year due to a lack of funding, resulting in 30 vacant lots for several months.

Ira Reynolds, FAMU DRS’ athletic director and head football coach, said the cost for construction has jumped from its original $1.2 million. “Since then, the price of everything has gone up, including labor and supplies, so the cost to build has more than likely gone up too,” Reynolds said.

The lots, which are back under construction, will contain courts and fields for football, softball, track and field, baseball, tennis, volleyball and basketball.

FAMU DRS’ Gym Supervisor Michael Warner said the athletic facilities have been way past due.

“We need our own fields because right now we are sharing them with Florida A&M.”

Last year FAMU DRS’ football team played every game at Bragg Stadium. Due to some schedule conflicts, the team had to forfeit three home games, which resulted in away games.

Reynolds also said that he still has not been given a definite answer as to when everything will be completed, but he was informed that he should plan to have his next football season at Bragg Stadium.

While faculty and students experience anticipation mixed with some frustration about FAMU DRS’ delayed construction, team spirit has not been hindered.

According to Warner, who said most of FAMU DRS’ students participate in any given sport mainly from seventh grade and up, there is still a number of students who are interested in trying out and participating in some form of extracurricular sport.

“Naturally students are excited. We have a new school and also a new athletic complex in the works,” Reynolds said. “We have been talking about it for so long, so it will be good when alumni can see things finally starting to happen.”

He said what he looks forward to the most is just being able to play all of their games at home.