Some Students Seek ‘Mrs’ Degree

College is an institution of higher learning, but does higher learning mean the same thing to everyone?

Does it mean degree and a career or is it marriage? Is college the place to snag that certain someone?

Each of these answers trickles down to one motivation and that’s morals. Everyone is raised differently and everyone has different morals and values. In my household, I was raised to have my own and to do for myself. Independence is important in my family, but that isn’t the case for everyone.

Some people are raised to believe that marriage is the key to success, not a degree.

We cannot impose our own beliefs on others; we just talk about them behind their backs. A ring may seem to have more longevity than a degree nowadays.

There aren’t guarantees with either.

With a marriage you could have a husband or wife, children the white picket fence the whole nine yards, but that could all be taken away with divorce.

A degree could get you a job and even help you obtain the career you longed for, but that could all be taken away with layoffs and recessions. Something that cannot be taken away, however, is education and determination to want better.

Parents or guardians may have put the beliefs of marriage in students’ minds to have a better life than they had. When you sit down and analyze the reason they want you to have a better life is because they didn’t have the job and the husband or wife they desired.

Many times the parents are drilling marriage into student’s heads because they didn’t have a college degree or a marriage that some may have longed for.

Yes, we can find our soul mate in college; but that shouldn’t be the focus for coming to college. Getting married young, in my opinion, isn’t a good idea. College is where you come to grow and become the adult that you want to be. I think college students should gain stability first before trying to start a family.

We aren’t promised anything and everything can be taken away from us. If you have education you can dust off your shoulders and keep moving. College isn’t for marriage. It isn’t for trying to find that man or woman who has the good credit and promising career.

Do for yourself so you can have the good credit and promising career.