FAMU Closer to Choosing Programs to Cut in Restructuring

The restructuring process is gathering attention as officials get closer to making decisions of what programs to cut and/or reduce to save money at the university.

Over the course of the semester, focus groups have met and FAMU President James Ammons has addressed students and faculty members of his concerns and plans for the university through the restructure process.

Several detailed documents and reports are listed on FAMU’s website which further explain what direction the university is going in for the restructure process. Feedback and ideas from the various focus groups are included on the site.

In one of the documents, it was stated that since 2007, the University has experienced a $35 million reduction to its budget. Now, the university must address the potential 15 percent projected cut, which could result in a $13.3 million reduction for FAMU in fiscal year 2011-12. This reduction will occur in addition to the loss of $7.9 million in stimulus funding.

A campus forum, open to all, will be held today at the Lawson Center from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Most of the university officials will be in attendance to discuss updates about the restructure and what decisions will be made come the university Board of Trustees meeting that will be held the following week on April 6 and 7.

The Board of Trustees will make decisions about restructuring with the help of three new board members appointed by Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott announced last Wednesday that Kelvin L. Lawson, 47, Rufus N. Montgomery Jr., 39, and Belinda R. Shannon, 50, would serve on the board from their appointments that day until January 6, 2016.