The FAMUAN’s Favorite Websites in 2011


We are more than just journalists. We are regular college students too!

Here are a few of our favorite websites we like to frequent. Enjoy. You may even like a few yourself!

Leave a comment about your favorite website. We’d love to know!



  1. O Hell Naw: web comics for/and about Black folk.
  2. Anime Freak: watch anime online.
  3. ESPN Online: the official website of ESPN.
  4. TUMBLR: A new kind of social network.
  5. Manga Reader: read manga online.


Copy Desk:

  1. Cracked: the place for random facts and fun info.



  1. Miami Heat Online: the official website of NBA Team, Miami Heat.
  2. Bleacher Report: up-to-the-minute reports of NBA, MLB and other professional sports groups.
  3. Basketball Reference: the place for stats, players and everything else you need to know about basketball.


  1. IGN: the official website for game reviewers IGN.
  2. Rotten Tomatoes: the place for movie reviews and opinions.

School News:

  1. Kotaku: read game news and reviews.
  2. Screw Attack: watch videos and read game news.

Metro News:

  1. Fox News Comments: the new says it, commentary about Fox News.
  2. Huffington Post: blog aggregator Huffington Post.
  3. Media Takeout: the self-proclaimed, “Most Visited Urban Website in the World.”
  4. Rattler Nation: a fun blog, for and about Florida A & M students.
  5. World-Star Hip-Hop: urban news, opinions, blogs and videos.
  6. The FAMUAN: our website, The FAMUAN Online.
  7. Gorilla Fights: videos from random fights around the country.
  8. Urban Tallahassee: read stats, government reports and facts about commercial developments in Tallahassee.


  1. HULU: watch shows from Fox, NBC, USA and other channels online, officially and legally.
  2. NetFlicks: watch movies and TV shows on-demand with a cheap, monthly subscription.



  1. Bulbapedia: online resource for everything Pokemon.
  2. Digital Photography Review: read facts from the latest digital cameras, along with side-by-side reviews and news from the industry.
  3. iGoogle: your personalized Google Homepage that connects to your Gmail account.
  4. Next Level Radio Caribbean: the best place for Caribbean music online, featuring live DJ hours and radio shows.
  5. Wired: the place for tech news and reviews, including new gadgets, movies, videos and others.
  6. Wikipedia: the all-in-one, non-college-applicable resource for everything you need to know about a lot of things.
  7. Wisegeek: definitions for popular science, technology, even culinary, terms, along with references.
  8. Writersdigest: the online arm of magazine Writer’s Digest.