Lawmakers Consider Bills to Relax Gun Rules

Laws that could change Florida’s gun laws are being considered in the 2011 Legislative Session.


Senate Bill 234 and the complementary House Bill 517 would allow citizens with concealed gun licenses to carry them openly.


SB 234 would allow gun-licensed individuals to possess guns inside elementary and secondary school facilities and on college campuses. The bill does prohibit firearms inside public elementary and secondary schools and administrative facilities.

HB 517 allows the possession of properly-licensed firearms in specified locations.

Like its Senate companion it grants possession inside vehicles for certain purposes. Both passed the House Judiciary Committee.

Also on the table in the legislature is SB 402 and HB 155 which would fine doctors $500 or more if they ask patients about owning firearms in their homes. Both passed the House Criminal Justice Committee.

SB 402 and HB 45 would restrict local governments from enacting gun laws stricter than those of the state. HB 45 passed the House Criminal Justice committee. SB 402 passed the Senate Criminal Justice and Community Affairs Committees.

SB 956 and HB 4069 would repeal laws prohibiting the purchase of firearms across state lines. SB 956 passed the Senate Criminal Justice Committee.


HB 4069 passed the House Criminal Justice and Business and Consumer Affairs Committees.

These proposed bills can be viewed on and Once the bills pass the committees, they are up for final votes in the House and Senate.