Dirty, Steamy texts drive you off the road

In a world where technology invades every aspect of our lives, it becomes easy to get distracted and cause simple careless accidents.

According to a 29-year-old Tampa man, that is exactly what happened. Phernando Cuello was involved in a minor traffic accident on State Road 54 in Pasco County.

He initially told the Pasco County sherriff deputy that another driver who cut him off, causing the accident.

Afterward Cuello admitted to “sexting” with his girlfriend when the accident occurred. He was taken to jail for a failed sobriety test. He was then released and charged with driving under the influence, according to WCTV.

The deputy reported Cuello had a strong alcohol scent, glassy eyes and slurred speech.

This is a case of DUI along with a person’s inconsiderate behavior. He endangered himself and others around him.

I am quite aware that alcohol heavily impairs a person’s health, judgment and mental behavior.

Therefore it is extremely dangerous to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and risk the lives of both the reckless driver and others.

It becomes another problem when a popular gadget gets involved.

The cell phone is so trendy and attention grabbing that it will distract you at the most important times, like in a classroom or driving a car.

Yes, we know texting while driving is bad thanks to the “No Texting While Driving” campaign. It enables the driver to lose focus of the road and his surroundings, causing dangerous accidents.

But “sexting?” Who would have known?

Sexting, for those of you living under a rock, is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs to other phones. It was invented by teenagers as a result of advancing technology in a world of social interaction, but now adults have picked up the habit.

According to a USA Today study, 39 percent of teens and 59 percent of young adults between the ages of 20 to 26 had engaged in some kind of sexting.

Sexting amongst teenagers is a major issue with under age phone users not only interacting with peers and friends, but also with adults and potential sex offenders.

With adults, sexting can get them in all sorts of trouble. It can end marriages with the evidence of deceitfulness, tearing a relationship apart.

One mistaken message sent to a manager or the wrong contact can even cost an employee his job.

The popular company Apple has a patent “anti-sexting” technology. It lets an iPhone’s administrator block the sending and receiving of text messages with questionable content.

It significantly blocks or bans the explicit words from that administrator. The block can be set to filter words on a child’s grade level or abbreviated terms that other programs may not pick up.

So common abbreviations such as “LOL,” “WTF” or “LMAO” would not be sent until it is corrected or changed. This is a great step into the right direction for clamping down on sexting problems, but the cleverness of users will eventually find other ways of sexually communicating.

Let’s face it, sexting is a distraction therefore it is just as hazardous while driving.

In a generation driven by technology we sometimes lose focus on the things that deserve our full attention.

We have to learn to balance these differences and understand what is most important, your sexual desires or someone’s life.