A Letter to Online Commenters

We would first like to thank you for taking your time out to visit our site and read the articles of our fellow students.

It gives us great pleasure to know that we are getting to others via the World Wide Web.

However, we at The Famuan would like to address a few things.

For starters, this is a student-run organization.

What we do here is to prepare us ready for our respective journalistic careers.

With that being said, we along with our writers would love it if you would keep your racist, degrading comments to yourself.

We would like to keep our website as professional as possible.

Of course, writers and editors make mistakes, but that is what we attend FAMU for. To make mistakes, realize them, fix them and do better next time.

It’s not fair to us nor our writers to go online and see overly-dramatic, rude and harsh comments directed toward us about something you do not agree with in an article.

That’s not what this paper is or has ever been about.

We’re not saying you don’t have the right to voice your opinion.

This is not to step on anyone’s toes or make you stop coming to the website -far from it.

We love to see that people are reading our articles that the students put hard work into. It’s not easy to talk to people and get quotes and information sometimes. But we manage to obtain information and publish for the benefit of the student body.

But we feel that instead of attacking the publication and our staff of writers and editors, why not send us an email and discuss the problem you have with the article? We will respond professionally and respectfully. We appreciate feedback; it helps us to understand where we went wrong.

It’s just the negative feedback we at The Famuan could do without.