Senate Watch Week Starts Monday

“Do you have what it takes to be a senator?” is the question being asked by members of Florida A&M’s 40th student senate.

As student senators are preparing for the Senate Legislative watch week, expect to hear this slogan throughout the campus in the coming weeks. Taking place March 28 through April 2, students will be given an opportunity to partake in various events that look into the day in the life of a student senator.

To kick off the week, senators will be holding its regularly scheduled senate meeting beginning at 6 p.m., located in the senate chambers where the student body is encouraged to attend to gain insight on how bills are passed and business is conducted.

Brandon Armstrong, 20, a third year criminal justice student with a minor in political science from Miami, currently serves as junior senator, and chair of legislative watch week.

Armstrong said students could look forward to a week full of events geared towards bringing awareness and exposure to the senate with events such as senate day on the set and “do you have what it takes to be a student senator,” A game night that test student’s knowledge on legislation, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the senate.

Other scheduled events will include a bill writing workshop to inform students on how legislation is written and passed as well as rally in tally where student leaders will get a chance to lobby in front of congressional members on educational issues at the city’s capitol.

Freshmen senator and bio-premed student Natalie Amore who is also part of the watch week committee said, “All of these events are momentum building up to legislative watch week. So often students hear about what goes on in the senate, yet they aren’t aware of the proper procedures that student senators must follow. “

With extensive budget cuts coming from the U.S. senate and harsh restructuring in the semesters to come, senators will be educating the student body on different pieces of legislation as well as budget cuts and how the university will be greatly affected by these changes.

We want the students to be more interactive, said senate president Marci Jackson, a fourth year business administration student. With budget season underway, Jackson encouraged students to visit during her office hours to voice their opinions and concerns on how the $3.4 million budget will be spent and how the senate operates.

For more information on the 40th student senate as well as to view a list of scheduled events for legislative week you may visit the Student Government Association homepage or watch out for the promo video that will be posted on the 40th student senate profile page on facebook.