FAMU Plans to Interview Candidates for Director of Student Activities Soon

Within a couple of weeks, five candidates will be selected to come to campus for their interview process for director of student activities.

The search committee for the director of student activities met March 18 in the Al Lawson Center and discussed dates for the campus interviews, the time frame to bring the candidates in and a schedule for the candidates to follow once they are on campus.

Committee Chairman Edward Willis said the committee is narrowing down the candidates that will be on campus for their interviews.

Although the names of the candidates cannot be released, Willis said the committee is currently narrowing down the selection and once the committee confirms who has accepted an interview, their names will be shared.

“There are some internal candidates in the pool,” Willis said.

FAMU is known for its school spirit and large student body. The search committee is looking for an experienced director who can energize and motivate students. Being a good manager, communicator and working well with students are qualities that each candidate should possess.

“The process is going real smooth as far as who’s qualified for FAMU,” said Aaron Waters, 19, a second year MBA and pre-pharmacy student from Tallahassee.

Waters also said the director must be open minded, compassionate, fair and firm.

Former director of student activities Saundra Inge, who retired last year, held the position for 35 years. Robert Carroll is serving as the interim director.

Mattie Trawick, an associate director of housing, said the selection process is moving, probably not as fast as it could because of juggling student schedules.

Some qualities that Trawick is looking for in the new director are to be a visionary, student-focused person and most importantly, good budgeting experience.

“These are three main things while I’m evaluating that I’m looking for,” said Trawick.

The director of student activities works with everyone; from the president’s office to the freshmen when they first come to campus.

“It’s a centrally focused position on campus,” Willis said. “The director’s responsibility is to assist with a number of activities.”

To name a few, the director will put together guest speakers coming to campus, concerts, homecoming and Be Out Day.

Willis says an ongoing issue for the new director to address would be to expand the participation level of students.

Willis said that it is a challenge to get students that live off campus to be more involved with the activities that are on campus.

“Once you leave campus, what is going to motivate you to come back,” said Willis.