Living at home while in college: It’s What You May Think and More

You’ve read the opinion of two fellow Famuan’s about their specific living arrangements. This, for out-of-towners, is usually the “norm.”

Well, I don’t fit that norm. I am a local and I live at home.

While most people think, “Oh you live at home that must be awesome” or “Really you live at home, must suck.” I can tell you now both of those opinions would be… Absolutely correct!

Yeah, I’ll admit, living at home gives me the option of (not) having to pay rent, electricity bill, get a meal plan that for most of us doesn’t last long anyway and buy groceries.

Especially nowadays when the cheapest rent is about $400 dollars minimum, not to mention I’m not the roommate type. Guess it comes from being an only child with my mom and not having to share my space with anyone. But I digress; living at home has its perks. Plus, since I don’t live on campus, I don’t have to pay for room and board. And that means the money that would be used for room and board comes back to me in the form of a nice net check. Insert big smile here.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do help around the house with bills and I pay our cell phone bill, so I really don’t have much to worry about.  And this would be where the awesome part of the equation ends.

Now, most parents my mom’s age and older are pretty old school. We all know the rules from when we were kids, have to be inside the house before the street lights come on, be home 15 minutes before your curfew (although they may not say it you know that’s what better had happen), talking on the phone is prohibited after a certain hour (for some this includes texting…yeah right).

Fast forward to college, while maybe 99.9 percent of those rules no longer apply, you better believe there are new ones.

For example, for us ladies, you better be home by 3 a.m. And not one minute later.  Of course, there’s not much to do after 2 a.m. But hey, maybe I want to hang with my girls at their place till 6 a.m.

I’m positive some of you are thinking, and I quote “WTDTA” or “where they do that at?” But please, let’s not pretend that some of you don’t know what I am talking about…because you most definitely do.

Although you may not be a local, when you go home I’m sure your parents do you the same way (not all of you but most of you).

It’s quite interesting to hear that you are an adult in the eyes of your parents and the world. And yet, when we live at home or come home after the school year is over, our parents revert back to that old saying “you may be grown but you are still my baby.”

At times I wonder, and you are probably wondering as well, why on earth I didn’t move into a dorm or get an apartment. Well, if you scanned over this you probably didn’t notice that it was already stated in the beginning of the article. But if you did read it… You know why.