‘Commissioned II Love’ Launches Pro-Abstinence Week

Commissioned II Love began its pro-abstinence forum “Single, Saved and Satisfied” Wednesday night in the Journalism auditorium. It was a part of a week-long campaign on the Florida A&M campus.

The forum began with praise and worship lead by the ministry’s President Shakinnya Jones, a 24-year-old senior elementary education student from Boynton Beach.

Student members of the Commissioned II Love Ministry wore white T-shirts that were different depending on their gender. The woman’s shirt said “Christ is the key to her heart” and the male shirt said “Manhood is characterized by abstinence.”

“I think it went well,” said David Williams, 19, a first year social work student from Sarasota. “I believe a lot of facts were given out putting a spiritual perspective on the physical.”

Students sat and watched a skit that expressed what it felt like to be unsatisfied in the “single life” and the negative consequences that could come from participating in sex.

A slide show was also shown showing different STDs and STIs that could be contracted. Statistics were also given.

“Students need to know the truth on this campus” said Jones. “I just pray that everybody gets it: that it’s not about wrapping it up, but abstaining.”

Abortion was also discussed as a consequence of sex outside of marriage. The panel discussed how sometimes premarital sex can lead to pregnancy and women wanting to terminate their pregnancies because they aren’t ready for the consequences of sex.

Joes Biton, 20, a first year music education student from Miami, said he felt blessed by the atmosphere in the forum. Biton said he felt it was not by chance that he was stopped walking from class and invited to come out. As a self-proclaimed “church boy,” he knows that God has a plan for him.

The forum ended with a lyrical dance performed by one of the members.