Staff Ed.: Home Alone or Not?

Spring Break has ended and it is time for Rattlers to get back into the swing of things.

While a few of us are looking forward to graduation, the rest of us are looking forward to summer vacation.

However, one of the things that most of us need to start doing is looking for housing for either summer sessions or the upcoming 2011 fall semester. Most of FAMU’s students live on campus or in apartments.

While some of these apartments are relatively close to campus, some could be considered a long and arduous journey away. It is to be expected that a lot of students, especially those without transportation, would prefer to live on campus.

But for many students that simply is not an option.

The fact is, room and board are limited on our campus, despite how the administration may make it seem otherwise sometimes.

So the next best thing is obtaining an apartment, with a roommate.

Simply because rent is, at its cheapest, $400 a month. And this is not including food and other amenities.

In other words, say hello to the “ramen noodle and peanut butter and jelly” diet. But this is nothing new when going to college in another city or state.

However, there are a few of us who would be considered the outlier of the housing “issue” group: the few of us Rattlers who are from Tallahassee and choose to live at home. Just ask a classmate, we are sure they can give you their opinions on their experience. So, while you are going through the paper and reading stories about living on and off campus, think about your own experience and decipher exactly what you want to do when it comes down to room and board for the near future.

And make a few vacation plans while you are at it too.