Scouts drool over Rattler prospects

Constantly refresh page as updates will continue throughout the duration of the event.

1:05 P.M.

Ok, so the first thing that could go wrong did. They moved the time up so instead of a four o’clock start time, we will be starting in 25 minutes. 

1:13 P.M. 

Don’t worry people, I’ll post photos and video up as well. I just have to get there first. #RunningLate

Quick hits before I make my way:

1. Phillip Sylvester is the headliner of the Rattler seniors.

2. Defensive Backs Quier Hall and Curtis Holcomb could also be watched fairly close.

3. Defensive Lineman Kendrick Washington is actually somewhat of a sleeper pick, but his size and strength are two of the assets to watch for today.

1:40 P.M.

Suprisingly, the most impressive person so far has been Holcomb. His explosion is proving to be one of his more pro-ready attributes.

1:53 P.M.

The Rattler DB’s are blazing through the workouts. Quier Hall posted 17 reps on the bench press and Curtis Holcmb had 15 official reps, but had 2 disqualified for his form.

1:58 P.M.

Sylvester posted 18 reps, Washington had 19, and Marquiste Ramos posted 19 as well.


2:11 P.M.

We take intermission for players to warm up for the outdoor events. Fortunately for them, it’s only 568 degrees outside today so getting warm should be an easy task. Perfect weather for football drills and a side of heat stroke.

2:20 P.M.

The 40-yard dash is up first. Sylvester is predicted to run in the 4.3 range.

2:22 P.M.

Well, Sylvester didn’t quite run a 4.3, but his 4.40 is still impressive to some of the scout. Speaking of which, scouts from the Bengals, Patriots, Buccaneers, and Browns are here today.

2:51 P.M.

They are finishing the cone drills now and are going into their positional drills. Curtis Holcomb has thoroughly impressed me and the scouts with his stellar performance today. Maybe it’s because his mom surprised him by showing up today.

3:00 P.M.

Every athlete that participated today was thoroughly satisfied with their individual performance. Even coach Taylor believed today was a success.

I’m just glad we got the opportunity to come out and show the scouts what FAMU has to offer- Phillip Sylvester.