Sampson and Young to Reopen in August

Renovations to Sampson and Young hall are set for completion by July. They are scheduled for opening to male students in August.

“When I first arrived at FAMU, there was not enough housing for students, I think it is good to add additional housing on campus for students,” said Brian Taylor, 21, a fourth-year economics student from Tallahassee.

According the FAMU website, Sampson was built in 1938 and Young Hall was built in 1929. Both facilities were closed in 2004 due to old building codes and safety violations. Sampson also will be restored to historical district standards and will remain a landmark of the campus.

“I am glad they are finally reopening Sampson and Young because the closed dorms were depreciating the overall value of FAMU,” said Diondrea Walters, 19, a second-year psychology student from Miramar.

Director of Facility Planning Samuel Houston said that Premier Construction & Development is the general contractor that will be renovating the two structures. This project will cost an estimated $13 million and the price includes construction equipment, EIT improvements and furniture for both halls.

“Premier Construction & Development will be demolishing the interior of the builds and rebuilding dorm rooms, computer labs, and lounge areas,” Houston said. “This has been a joint effort between Facility Planning and student housing.”

At this time, the projected the rental rates for both facilities are $3,150 for a single and $2,800 for a double.

“Based on an anticipated 95% occupancy, we predict an annual revenue of approximately $1,214,733,” said Director of Housing Oscar L. Crumity.

“The reopening of the dorms means more students on campus and that equals more money for the university, and the more opportunities for students,” said Javon Strickland, 21, a fourth-year Criminal Justice student from Detroit.

The facilities will provide the following amenities to the residents.

· Wireless data, voice and cable vision connectivity

· Electronic card access for all residents’ room, facilities’ entry and common area doors

· Electronic sign board in both facilities and/or on the facilities’ exterior

· Computer labs with seven computers in Sampson Hall and four computers in Young Hall

· Elevators for residents’ use

· Surveillance cameras in the hallways, elevators, laundry rooms, computer labs, lobbies, entrance doors, etc.

· Activity rooms for games, socialization, meetings, TV viewing, etc.

· Each floor will have a small room for small group meetings with a television

· Laundry rooms equipped with televisions, chairs, and folding tables

· All residents’ room furniture will include, bed, mattress, three drawer chest, desk, chair and wardrobe.

The construction includes 468 units.

For more information, contact student housing at 599-3651.