Housing Scare

Tallahassee apartment complexes that appeal to the college demographic with “Walk to Campus” and “First Month Free” are among the most dangerous, according to the Tallahassee Police Department.

WCTV reported in August 2010 that Florida A&M had set an enrollment record of 13,089 students, lower than Tallahassee Community College’s student body at 14,005. Florida State University’s Office of Institutional Research reports that there are 30,830 undergraduates at the university alone.

With students trying to live close to campus it creates very populous neighborhoods and Census Tracts that are primarily comprised of students. For example, High Road alone has seven apartment complexes between Tennessee Street and Tharpe Street.

TPD offers residents a chance to search addresses for incidents reported to the police station within six months. Out of 48 apartment complexes, three stood above the rest in the severity in the crimes reported.

The Pointe at Adams Place, at 3000 S. Adams St, is one such apartment complex. Located less than two miles away from FAMU, a number of violent crimes have taken place within the past six months ,including a grand theft report on Oct. 5.

On Oct. 10, 2010, there were two crimes reported to TPD from The Pointe at Adams Place. First there was an armed robbery and later that night an aggravated assault. Less than two weeks later there was a report of weapons violations.

The recent gun-related death of FSU student Ashley Cowie at Heritage Grove Apartments, at 1947 Heritage Grover Circle, has brought a lot of attention to the issue of gun control and the Florida Senate committee’s approval of a new gun law is already leaving many uneasy.

Next on the list was Down Under Apartments at 1600 Old Bainbridge Road, located only three miles from FAMU.

In the past six months TPD reported 69 total incidents at Down Under ranging from noise complaints and drug violations to criminal mischief and armed robbery.

Last October, there were three reports of armed robbery at Down Under and a fourth in December. The incidents of armed robbery on Oct. 18 and Dec. 12 were reported in the middle of the day at 2:45 p.m. and 10:42 a.m., respectively.

Mikhail Joseph, a second year animal science student, has been living at Down Under for a year.

“After the armed robberies, I just made sure to be careful,” Joseph said. “I see people going around the complex just trying the different doorknobs so I make sure my stuff is locked.”

Like the other apartment complexes listed, Casa Cordoba located at 1303 Ocala Road, has received a large number of incident reports.

Walking distance from FSU, Casa Cordoba was the location of a very violent crime. On Oct. 29, 2010, TPD reported that there had been a homicide at the complex.

When there is a trend of crimes like this, TPD does act to calm the situation.

“We have a crime analysis unit in the department and we utilize it to find these trends of crimes,” said TPD spokesman David McCranie. “When the crimes originate from the same location, like these apartment complexes, TPD sends out officers in plain clothes and unmarked cars to keep a look on the area,” McCranie said.

On Youtube.com, there is video of a group of men walking through the Down Under parking lot scoping out the interior of cars. One of them kicks over a motorcycle for no reason in broad daylight.


Crime reports for specific apartment complexes are available through the Tallahassee Online Police Statistics.