Top Seven Pet Peeves about Roommates

The following list applies to both dorm and apartment living.

1. Taking my things: Just because we are roommates, we may wear the same size, or eat the same foods, does not mean you just up and take my stuff. If you want to keep your fingers I suggest you don’t touch my stuff. Word.

2. Messy: We are adults. Please clean up after yourself. I do not want to see smelly gym clothes or your funky underwear laying on the floor, doorknob or wherever. That’s gross.

3. Overly clean…to the point where we think you might be borderline OCD: If you spray that can of Lysol one more time…

4. Extremely loud: I want to sleep, study, watch TV in peace. I do not want to hear your phone/Skype/Oovoo conversation or music. So quiet down, or shut it off.

5. Unwanted guests: We share living quarters. I would like to walk in our apartment or dorm and it not be filled with people I have never seen or do not know. Because if something of mine goes missing (see No. 1) the end result will not be pretty.

6. Random items go missing or are broken: I don’t want to come home to find my favorite pen broken or something missing due to you using it without my permission. Nor do I want you to pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

7. Petty arguments: Dude, just because you had a bad day don’t take it out on me and try to start an argument. So do me a favor, go to your room or your side of the room and “woosah,” in other words calm down.