‘Housing Solutions’ Help Students through Living Problems

Students looking for a place to live next school year could use an extra eye in their search. That is why local apartment and rental property locators assist students in their hunt for housing.

At Student Housing Solutions, 2020 W. Pensacola St Suite 27, students can get their housing questions and concerns answered.

“Student Housing Solutions’ priority is to make sure students find the apartment of their choice, by the information that is given by the student’s criteria,” according to the company’s.

“Summer is almost here and apartment complexes are summing up deals for residents and our office is ready to help,” said Leslie Ryan, an employee at Student Housing Solutions. “Our service here is free, so there’s no need to worry about paying a fee.”

Students tend to get confused about choosing a happy home that fits their needs and wants that sometimes can lead to early termination of the lease. Ryan said students should know the features they want in the apartment before searching.

“When students do not have a clue about apartment searching, we narrow the list of apartments based on what they’re looking for,” said Ryan. She said students who come in with questions tend to get the best results.

“Students ask great questions such as the location, whether or not the apartment is furnished or unfurnished, and questions about the utility fees,” said Ryan.

She said FAMU students prefer The Pointe at Adams Place, 3000 S. Adams St., which is walking distance from the campus. “The Pointe is a great location for students. They have a wonderful movie theater, computer lab, nice fitness gym, huge clubhouse and a beautiful pool to go with the parties they have over the summer,” said Ryan.

Commuter students say that location is the major decision when it comes to choosing an apartment.

“Location is my first choice when it comes to searching for an apartment,” said LaQuisha Glenn, 19, a second-year psychology student from Miami. She also likes to feel secure. “Safety is important when it comes to me, because not everywhere in Tallahassee has a suburb on every block so you have to ask questions about where the apartment you’re interested in is located.”

While some students worry about location others look for a low rent that doesn’t include extra utility costs.

“Rent bothers me a little bit. I look for something cheap but good quality,” said Dina Philippe, 20, a second-year biology student from Miami. She talks about her experience with The Commons, 1325 W. Tharpe St.

“I kind of like it, but I also don’t like it. I like it because it’s quiet and peaceful; I don’t have a problem with noise, bad neighbors, and it’s clean besides other apartments.”

Philippe said she doesn’t regret choosing The Commons, but she would have preferred a better place with a reasonable price.

“I don’t like it because I feel like I’m paying too much and not getting good quality for what I’m paying for. The rooms are too small for a two bedroom two bathroom; it’s cheap, don’t get me wrong but if anything I think it should be bigger.”

For Nakita Lagadere, 18, a first-year nursing student from Miami, found it difficult to look for an apartment that matched her budget when she transferred from Florida Atlantic University to Florida A&M University.

“I had no clue about apartment hunting,” said Lagadere. “When I transferred from Florida Atlantic to FAMU this semester and found out there were no dorms available, I used apartment search to look for my apartment not knowing anything about utility fees.”

Lagadere said this year was a learning experience and in the future she will be ready the second time around.

“With summer around the corner, I have plenty of time to decide for my new apartment and how to choose through multiple great offers.”