Bowler want to strike in tournament


The bowling championship game is weeks away. The Lady Rattlers plan to strike their way to a win.

Senior Ashley Melson said, “I’m looking forward to seeing how this game turns out. We’ve been working hard and I believe it will pay off.”

The Lady Rattlers took third in the bowling tournament a few weeks ago, but plan to have a turn-around for the championship.

“Sometimes you have to take a lost in order to build yourself back up as a team,” Melson said.

March 18, 2011 will showcase all the Lady Rattlers have been preparing for all season long.

“We have to keep each other motivated,” senior Jazmin Bingham said. “If we focused solely on the bad, then no good would ever prosper.”

While in practice the Lady Rattlers go over their chants they use for motivation and getting the game hyped. Having their last two games away gave the team time to meditate on the upcoming games.

“Sometimes I imagine I’m already at the game facing my opponent,” Melson said.

The Lady Rattlers are now able to practice in Galimore Lanes. Though there weren’t any home games left, the team agrees that it’s a much better setting being in a familiar environment.

“I’m going to miss being around the team,” Bingham said. “These last few games and the championship are somewhat bittersweet.”

The Lady Rattler’s captian and co-captian are both graduating seniors. Both Bingham and Melson plan to end this season with a bang.

Although this championship will be the end of their time with the Lady Rattlers, both agreed they will give back and help out with current and future Rattler bowlers.

“My experience on the bowling team has been one to remember,” Melson said. “Having a coach like Shelia Martin and teammates that always kept you encourage, you can’t help but to miss it all in the end.”

The Lady Rattlers plan to enjoy their Spring Break, but are also anxious to strike up the heat when they return.