Mock wreck promotes spring break safety

In honor of spring break safety and awareness day, FAMU prepared several activities yesterday to help remind students on how to stay safe on the road.

Several activities were planned throughout the day on The Set including table displays and demonstrations from the FAMU Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol and the Tallahassee Fire Department.

FAMU staged a mock wreck on the corner of Wahnish Way and Gamble Street. Although it was a reenactment, Chief of Police James Lockley said that it could happen to anyone.

  “Pictures are worth a thousand words; this vehicle was actually a vehicle that was involved in an accident on I- 10 with four passengers. All four of the individuals went to the hospital and the driver of this vehicle is a paraplegic. So we want to, again, emphasis the importance of driving safely and driving without texting.” Lockley said.

After the reenactment, the university also held a ‘mock funeral.’ Immediately following afterward, many students proceeded to the set for the ‘eulogy’ of the fallen rattler with the ‘repast’ for students.

 Twenty-two year old, Ciara Reid said that she began praying for everyone who may have been involved in the crash when she saw the vehicle and safety trucks on Wahnish Way.

“I thought that the accident was real. I passed by and was in awe of how badly the truck was smashed up and seeing the person inside all bloody was surreal. I don’t drink nor text while I’m driving and even if I thought about it, this wreck definitely made me think twice about that.” Reid said.

  According to a press release, Robert Carroll, Jr., interim director of the office of student activities said that it was their goal to educate.

“The message to our students is to ‘be safe, enjoy spring break and return safe and sound,'” Carroll said. “Our goal is to reach as many students as possible to educate them on the adverse results of carelessness during Spring Break.”

While being smart on the road is important, students should also be mindful of ways to stay safe. SGA Vice President Elect Troy Harris gives his tips on ways to stay safe and protect your money.

   “Travel in pairs, I would suggest. A lot of times people don’t know who, or nor do they care about who you are especially when it has to do with money. People will do anything for money,” Harris said.  “So a lot of time what I do when I go to the beach, I try not to even bring my wallet.